MRI & Xray Review
MRI & Xray Review

Forensic Radiology Expertise

R.A.D. Review has been providing expert opinions on medical imaging for insurance companies and attorneys since 1996.  Our goal is to provide our customers with objective, rapid and accurate interpretations of all types of imaging examinations by an independent board certified radiologist who is employed full-time in his clinical speciality, Paul Macchi, MD.


R.A.D. Review provides opinions for both plaintiffs and defendants, and we are available for depositions and trials throughout Florida and nationwide.


Dr. Macchi's primary focus is the review of pre-litigation cases.  He does take select cases that are in suit; however, this is done on a case-by-case basis.  Please call for details.


If one of the cases that Dr. Macchi reviews for an attorney/adjuster does  go into litigation, he will continue to act as the expert in that case.  He is committed to working with any attorney who is litigating a case for which he has already generated a report/opinion.  Dr. Macchi is available for telephone conferences and in-person consults, depositions, and testimony at trial, including the development of presentations for trial.


A faxed report is provided within seven days maximum (average turnaround is 4 days) of receipt of the case, and following review by the client, a final report is mailed.  Turnaround time within 48 hour (or less) is available if necessary. 


Dr. Macchi will provide phone consultations with clients when requested. 



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Spine Radiology Review Neuroradiology Spine
MSK Radiology Review Musculoskeletal (MSK)

Why Use R.A.D. Review?

  • reasonable fees
  • discounts for large cases
  • personalized service
  • easy-to-understand reports
  • rapid turnaround
  • excellent reputation

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